Let’s go!

Hi everyone

So, today our campaign starts in earnest. We’ll be sending out press releases, and using Twitter, Facebook and as many other tools as possible to help raise awareness for our appeal.

The past few days have been a bit of a blur. We have just over three weeks left to raise the money for the operation, so we’re moving as fast as we can. We had our second fundraising meeting yesterday and our friends and family were working long into the night.

It was great to see everyone working so tirelessly to get this campaign off the ground, particularly after a wasted trip to the Marsden yesterday. Sophie was supposed to be having a CT scan but when we got to the hospital there they told us that the scanner was broken. So, the CT scan is now today at our local hospital, Frimley Park.

Luckily Sophie likes going to the Marsden, it’s a bit like her nursery as she gets to play with other kids and lots of different toys!

Thanks again to everyone for your support, and please check back for further updates. If you’re on Twitter and/or Facebook, click on the links to the right to keep an eye on our progress.

Andrew and Ruth Roberts

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