Day one of chemo

Another long day today. This time we were at the Marsden for Sophie’s first day of her new chemo cycle. Sophie had Vincristine and Irinotecan. Both drugs makes Sophie feel sick and the Irinotecan gives her really bad diarrhoea. The Vincristine also makes her feet tingle which she finds quite amusing! We have drugs to control the sickness and diarrhoea but it can be really hard to get her to take them as they taste so bad – we’ve tried mixing them in drinks, chocolate mouse, tomato soup but she can always seem to taste them, any other suggestions of what to try will be welcome!

Sophie likes going to the Marsden as she loves running up and down the corridors and playing with the cool toys. It’s a bit like her nursery as she gets to play with other kids, something she can’t do much of at home because her immune system is always so low. She had lots of fun today playing cars with Robbie and chasing him around – lovely to see her smiling and having fun. Baby James also loves it there too as the nurses make such a fuss of him, lots of cuddles.

The long days really take it out of her so she’s really tired but it still seemed to take ages to put her to bed tonight (cries of one more story and Pom-Bears!). I think she’ll sleep well which is good as we’re doing all of this again tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all of your kind messages and generous donations, it really does mean everything to Andrew, Sophie, James and I. We feel like we’re closer to getting Sophie the treatment she needs and deserves.


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