Family time

The first 5 days of Sophie’s latest round of chemo finished yesterday, and after an incredibly busy period we’re happy to have two days at home together before the final day of the cycle on Friday.

Yesterday was fairly chaotic. Sophie started off full of energy, jumping up and down on Grandma and Grandpa’s bed (sorry!) and having lots of fun at the Marsden running around with her new (boy) friend. Her chemo was really late starting as her blood pressure is high so the doctors told us to stop the steroid and put her on some new medicine to bring it down. The steroid has affected her strongly this time so we’re quite glad to stop it, it has made her a little crazy and she’s still running around this morning. We all need a little rest so it’s going to be great to have a couple of hospital free days.

Having some time off is giving us the opportunity to review the progress our appeal has made over the past six days, and it’s very difficult to put into words how touched we’ve been by people’s support. The incredible number of donations we’ve had gives us hope that the surgery in New York is now a realistic prospect – late last night we got half way to our target!

To reach that point in less than a week is beyond our wildest dreams, and while we still have well over £100,000 to raise, we’re becoming more positive about things by the day.

It’s amazing what friends of friends will do to help, the list of fundraising events people are planning is growing, as you can see from the Events menu on this site.  They’ve also created things you can buy which you can see on the Buy! menu on the site.

Furthermore, the response to the news coverage on our appeal over the past couple of days has been incredible. Yesterday, The Daily Mail and The Metro covered our story, and we’ve been speaking to a few other newspapers as well as radio/TV stations about additional ways to raise awareness.

Ruth and Andrew

One thought on “Family time

  1. I watched the local (BBC) news tonight and my heart, like so many other’s I guess, goes out to you as parents. I very much hope Sophie gets the funding to go the the USA. I’ve made a contribution tonight and I have my fingers crossed for you all. You are very brave and I wish you all the luck that I can. Alistair, Isle of Wight.

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