TV crews and Bobby Davro

What a surreal day yesterday was! We had two film crews at our house to interview us and help drive awareness for Sophie’s appeal.

BBC South interviewed us and the video was shown on South Today last night, and the appeal was also publicised on a number of local BBC radio stations. Also, Kids n Cancer filmed us for our own video, which should be online next week. They also brought a special guest – Bobby Davro! There was also a lovely article in Yahoo News and one in the Huffington Post the day before.

Thanks so much to everyone who came to help yesterday – it was very hard for us having to talk about Sophie’s illness on camera, but you were so kind.

Sophie loved it – especially playing on the trampoline with Bobby. It wasn’t the best weather for playing in the garden, but that didn’t bother them – Bobby returned to the house with soaking wet trousers!

The increased media coverage has had an incredible impact. Donations to the JustGiving site have rocketed, and our media team have been getting phone calls from well wishers who want to know how they can help, but don’t have access to a computer. It really is incredibly touching, and it’s difficult to put into words how grateful we are. All we can say is thanks to everyone who’s heard of our appeal and has offered their support. Details of how direct donations can be made by bank transfer or cheque have been added to the fundraising page.

Our friends and family will be busy this weekend with further fundraising efforts – they’re continuing to work extremely hard.

We’re getting closer and closer to raising the money to pay for the operation, but our team aren’t slowing down.

Thanks for visiting the site and for your messages of support.

Ruth and Andrew

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