Tower of London and the Autoworld cyclists for Kids ‘n’ Cancer


Sophie had a very exciting day yesterday. Her friends Harri’ and ‘Bastien came to play in the morning. Sophie and Harriet played nicely with only one minor incident concerning purple play-doh and not too much screaming!

We then all went to the Tower of London in the afternoon where Kids ‘n’ Cancer and the cyclists taking part in the Tower to Tower challenge presented Sophie with a cheque for her treatment. Sophie was more interested in chasing pigeons and jumping in puddles than she was in the cheque. She had lots of fun though and enjoyed being outside and around lots of people.

Meeting all of the cyclists and hearing stories of the other children they’ve met on the journey so far reinforced why we are continuing to fund raise so that we can help other children in the same position as Sophie. However, Mike, the founder of Kids ‘n’ Cancer, also reminded us that Sophie’s battle is far from over and she might still need access to addition funds if the horrible situation arises that she needs to spend a prolonged period in intensive care or come home by air ambulance or if she needs further treatment in the US. We really hope that we are never in these positions but Mike is right, we do have to be realistic, unfortunately you can never guarantee anything when you are dealing with cancer. So we truly appreciate all of the efforts that are being made to continue fundraising – thank you.

Ruth and Andrew

One thought on “Tower of London and the Autoworld cyclists for Kids ‘n’ Cancer

  1. I am very happy that Sophie is playing like a normal, healthy child… and that she enjoys life…

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