It was Sophie’s first visit to the hospital in New York today

After a long, tense wait Sophie had her first visit to Sloan-Kettering today. The facilities are great and the staff very friendly (so they should be for the amount we are paying!).

Sophie had a CT scan today and we are already discovering that they do things slightly differently in the US! Sophie had  to drink some contrasts for scans in her tummy – she’s never had to do this before and it was a challenge to say the least! We tried to add the contrast to apple juice but she immediately knew that it wasn’t just normal juice and so in the end we had to spend half an hour holding her down with the nurses syringing it into her mouth – there were lots and lots of tears and screaming.

Everything was easy after that, we saw Dr. La Quaglia’s nurse practioner who talked us through the operation and went through Sophie’s medical history. Sophie’s blood counts have all recovered after the chemo so she’s ready for surgery. The nurse also put us a bit more at ease about the operation as she said that Dr. La Quaglia’s done it many times before and made it sound like it’s a standard procedure there. We’re seeing the man himself at 9:00 tomorrow to go through the CT scan and talk through the surgery so it’s going to be interesting to see what he suggests with regards to one or two operations.

Sophie was starving after the scan (no food from midnight until 13:00 makes for a very grumpy toddler!) so we had pizza for lunch and then headed to FAO Swatz where Sophie insisted upon buying a life size boa constrictor cuddly snake. We’re now just relaxing at the hotel and thinking about going to the zoo tomorrow for a bit of fun before the operation.

Ruth and Andrew


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