Sophie’s first operation is complete and it went really well!

We arrived at the hospital at 06:30 with an already hungry Sophie and then had a tense wait she was taken down for surgery at 11:00. Sophie was quite happy to sit and watch TV all morning and she gave Mummy and Daddy lots of kisses and cuddles. We were able to walk her round to the operating theatre doors where the aneathatist gave her something to make her relaxed and we then had to hand her over. We watched as she was carried round the corner still smilling at us. We always hate saying goodbye to her and leaving her with strangers, so heartbreaking.

We then had another tense wait and eventually were told that she was in recovery at 15:00. The surgery went really well, Sophie didn’t have to go into intensive care and hasn’t had to have a breathing tube. The surgeon came to see us and said that he was pleased, he managed to remove the two tumours that were on the CT scan and felt all around the lung about 10 times but couldn’t find any other suspicious tissue. Sophie has opened her eyes quite a few times and watched an episode of Mike the Knight. She’s in quite a lot of pain so the nurses have increased her pain relief but they said that she’ll be expected to get out of bed tomorrow and walk around!! The surgeon also said that he’s anticipating her being able to leave the hospital early next week before returning for her second operation on the right lung on 20th August.

Ruth and Andrew


5 thoughts on “Sophie’s first operation is complete and it went really well!

  1. Such fantastic news & what a relief for Ruth & Andrew. Huge hugs & love for you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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