Sophie’s second operation is done and went as well as the first

We arrived at Sloan-Kettering at 10:00 yesterday morning for surgery on Sophie’s right lung. We were a bit worried about how Sophie would react at being back in hospital as she’s been quite unsettled this week, asking to go home and not her unusal manic self. She was absolutely fine though and quite happily played and watched TV until it was time to go for the surgery.

The surgery was only a little bit delayed this time and it wasn’t long before we had to hand her over again to the anaethetist and watch her be carried around the corner again – always so difficult to do but Sophie was smilling and as she was being carried away so that made it a little easier.

The surgery only took about 3 hours this time and we’re told went well. Dr. La Quaglia removed one big tumour that has always shown up on Sophie’s CT scans throughout her illness and had grown again when she relapsed. He also removed 3 smaller tumours from the lower lobe of the lung that weren’t showing up on the CT scans.

Sophie was awake for a long time yesterday afternoon after the surgery and watched Lion King, albeit in a bit of a drugged out state! She doens’t seem to be in so much pain this time and is coughing more which is good as it helps to get oxygen back into the lung and move any phlegm. She’s been out of bed and playing this morning and has watched the Lion King another 3 times! She is a lot more grumpy this time and just wants to be left alone but we’ll let her off, poor thing has been through a lot in the past 3 weeks. We now just need to keep getting her out of bed and get her to poo – she’s been really constipated since we got to the US and that has actually caused her more discomfort than the operations!

So, our brave little girl has had her two operations and is now on the road to recovery, thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

Ruth and Andrew


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