Sophie is now off chemotherapy!

Hi Everyone,

Some good news, after 18 months of treatment comprising of 18 rounds of chemotherapy and 3 major operations Sophie is now stopping treatment.

Sophie had a CT scan January 16th to check that there is still no evidence of disease and thankfully both her lungs and liver are still clear. We then met with Sophie’s Oncologist on Monday 21st to talk through next steps for Sophie’s treatment. Relapsed hepatoblastoma in the lungs is incredibly rare so there is no fixed treatment plan which makes decisions incredibly tough. Our Oncologist advised us that they are unsure of the ongoing benefit of continuing the chemo but that the risk of carrying on is that she could develop a serious infection. So taking this into consideration along with the fact that there is no evidence of disease and a low tumour marker they feel that it’s time to stop and monitor her closely and we agree.

So our little lady has made it this far against all odds and we now can’t wait to watch her flourish as life becomes more ‘normal’ for her again. We’ve been told that Sophie has an incredibly high chance of relapse (70 – 80%) but we’ll have to try to push that thought to the back of our minds. Yes, waiting for test results is going to be incredibly hard and life will never be the same as it was before cancer invaded it but Sophie’s still here so we’ll make the most of it. We can’t wait to plan some special days out and maybe even a holiday.

A positive start to 2013 for Sophie thanks to all that you did to help and let’s now hope that continues.

Ruth, Andrew, Sophie and James

5 thoughts on “Sophie is now off chemotherapy!

  1. It’s so wonderful that Sophie can now enjoy some “normal” time without the prospect of imminent chemo or surgery. She sounds like such a brave little girl. Can’t imagine what you have all had to go through. Lots of love and best wishes to Sophie and the rest of the family

  2. What fantastic news about Sophie coming off chemo. What you’ve been through as a family is so sad and humbling but at the same time uplifting and inspiring. I hope with all my heart that Sophie will continue to beat this awful disease and that from now on she can lead a normal and fulfilled life. Lots of love and best wishes,
    Jenny Laue

  3. Lots of love to you all. Well done for fighting so hard & succeeding. Show cancer whose boss Sophie, kick it in the butt. All the best. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Dear Ruth, Andrew, Sophie and James!
    I am very happy that things went so well and that Sophie is cured. I wish you all the best for the future!
    Kind regards,
    Alice Bannink, Amsterdam

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