Four weeks off treatment and doing great!

Hi All,

We’re four weeks off treatment and Sophie is doing well. She has more energy and appetite than ever, it’s almost like she’s a different child and just goes to show that even though she tollerated the chemo well how rubbish it must have made her feel. We saw her Oncologist today who is very happy with her progress. We’ll continue with the weekly tumour marker tests for another 4 weeks and she’ll then have a chest x-ray and ultrasound and check up. We’re still taking it one week at a time but are thoroughly delighted and slightly exhausted at now having two very energetic children!   The only slight issue is that Sophie has a nasty cold and cough so it’s going to be interesting to see if her immune system can fight it without any hospital stays for antibiotics, fingers crossed.

So, life is very good at the moment and we’re even starting to think about nurseries and holidays! We can’t wait to take Sophie swimming and to enjoy our first family holiday, exciting times, we feel very lucky. Xx

Ruth, Andrew, Sophie and James

One thought on “Four weeks off treatment and doing great!

  1. That’s such fantastic news to hear how well Sophie is doing. Well done to Sophie and well done to you both! I can’t imagine how exhausting and overwhelming it all must be. With love from someone who doesn’t know you, but has donated a couple of times x

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