Two years in remission!

We received some fantastic news mid-January, Sophie has now officially been in remission for two years! Sophie had a 75% chance of relapse so this is an amazing milestone to reach and we are, of course, ecstatic and incredibly proud of our little lady.


Sophie continues to do well at school and is enjoying life to the full so to look at her you would never know what she has been through. Her life will start to become even more ‘normal’ now as her blood tests and hospital visits become even less frequent.
We are feeling very thankful and incredibly lucky! Thank you once again to everyone who helped this become a reality.

Ruth, Andrew, Sophie and James

4 thoughts on “Two years in remission!

  1. Sophie I’m so proud of the amazing journey you have been on and how you have coped. From a little baby at nursery when I looked after you and received that awful news. Look at you now, you have so many fun adventures ahead of you! Well done you little fighter. Xx

  2. Sophie and family what amazing news. Look to the future, the world is your oyster enjoy every minute. Congratulations to you all

  3. Doesn’t she look great! I don’t know you, but have followed this story since I saw you on TV a few years ago … Was very moved…Am so happy for you all and admire your determination so much. Good luck,
    from a grandparent who is so grateful for a smooth passage through life for my own family and friends, but who totally is in awe of your fight!

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