Two years in remission!

We received some fantastic news mid-January, Sophie has now officially been in remission for two years! Sophie had a 75% chance of relapse so this is an amazing milestone to reach and we are, of course, ecstatic and incredibly proud of our little lady. Sophie continues to do well at school and is enjoying life … Continue reading

Sophie’s First Holiday!

Hi All, Sophie is doing great! She’s so full of life and energy, so healthy and active, that it’s easy to forget how different things were a year ago. Her AFP is still consistently under 2 and she’s just returned back from her first holiday abroad where she had an amazing time with her younger … Continue reading

She’s come so far in a year!

Hi All, This time last year we were told Sophie had relapsed and were asked if we wanted to put her in palliative care. After that devastating day it’s been an incredible journey and with so much amazing support from you all she’s now 3 months in remission, back at nursery and due to have … Continue reading

Four weeks off treatment and doing great!

Hi All, We’re four weeks off treatment and Sophie is doing well. She has more energy and appetite than ever, it’s almost like she’s a different child and just goes to show that even though she tollerated the chemo well how rubbish it must have made her feel. We saw her Oncologist today who is … Continue reading

Sophie is now off chemotherapy!

Hi Everyone, Some good news, after 18 months of treatment comprising of 18 rounds of chemotherapy and 3 major operations Sophie is now stopping treatment. Sophie had a CT scan January 16th to check that there is still no evidence of disease and thankfully both her lungs and liver are still clear. We then met with … Continue reading

Thank you so much!

We’ve been back from New York now for 6 weeks and it’s starting to feel like life is returning to some semblance of normality after the last chaotic 4 months. Sophie has recovered fully both physically and mentally from the operations. One of her stitches has become a little infected so she’s on antibiotics but … Continue reading

Sophie’s home!

Well, we’re back at last. It’s been a long three weeks and we’re all happy to be back at home with baby James again. Sophie has recovered well from her operations, she doesn’t seem to be in too much pain anymore although her tummy is still playing up. She’s lost a lot of weight so … Continue reading