To pay for a thoracotamy and lung tumour removals in early August at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in NYK, and to cover the potential need for an air ambulance for the journey home, we need to raise approximately £350,000, which must be paid in full a few weeks before so the surgery can be scheduled. We will need all the help we can get to raise the remaining funds


Please support us by dontaing via the JustGiving site below, where we have partnered up with the charity Kids ‘n’ Cancer UK to enable us to raise funds through them. If you would like to setup your own fund raising page or event, please link it to Kids ‘n’ Cancer UK and add yourself to the team page so the charity knows the money is being raised for Sophie. If such a point is reached where the money is not needed for Sophie the charity will use it to help other children with cancer and their families.

General fundraising page:
Team page:

Bank account details:   A/C – 50740868    S/C – 77-74-17
Cheques: Please make them payable to “Kids ‘n’ Cancer (Sophie)”
Address: Kids ‘n’ Cancer UK, Tapton Park Innovation Centre, Brimington Road,Tapton, Chesterfield S41 0TZ

As long as Sophie requires the funds raised to pay for treatment in the United States, Kids ‘n’ Cancer will manage all payments of funds for the family. Should there come a time, for whatever reason, that Sophie no longer requires the funds raised for costs associated to medical treatment in America then the monies raised will be used to provide similar donations to sick and disabled children living within the UK through the charity, Kids ‘n’ Cancer.

You can see the statistics from the appeal here.


If you are arranging an event or doing your own collections please let us know via the contacts on the team page and we will post the details on the events page here and Facebook page. Please feel free to use the posters and leaflets below.

Fundraising Materials

Click here for the materials.

Kids ‘n’ Cancer UK

Kids ‘n’ Cancer are a charity who specialise in helping families with children who have cancer to fund their treatment in America. Registered charity number: 1138702.

8 thoughts on “Fundraising

  1. Is there any way other than the Internet or phone that you can donate, such as a high street shop, bank, etc.

    • Hi, we have collection pots and buckets out all around our surrounding area. From tomorrow you can also go into any Office shoe shop and donate at the tills. Thanks!

  2. I will have to use a credit card then, just trying to avoid that. Thank you and best of luck.

  3. I hope you get the money needed for this brave amazing little girl and I only wish I could have given more!

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  5. I have made my donation. I am so glad you are being proactive and have asked for help. That was the smartest thing you could have done, and I wish Sophie every day of her life a smile and hugs.

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