Dhanya Birtwistle – School Teacher
Rebecca Smith – Midwife
David Brounger – Barrister

Rickardo Carrington –
Simon Srour –

Event Coordinators

Helen Miller –
Joanne Harsant –
Rosie Warrington

Fundraising Coordinators
James Hunter-Japp
David Roberts
Louise Ryan

Media / PR
Paul Trotter – – 07799 692027
Vicky Dalton – – 07901 647469
Sue Jennings – – 07825 558094
Kate Tweed

Andrew Roberts –
Benn Coombes
Thomas Birtwistle
Luke Romerill

One thought on “Team

  1. Hi, it’s Nicole who used to look after Sophie at Nursery. I just want to wish you all the lick in the world. Sophie is a fighter and will beat this. Good luck raising the money.
    If there is anything I can do please let me know. Xx

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